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30/7/2021 3rd Quarter Syllabus 2021

28/08/2020 SPC Newsletter#1

19/05/2020 SPC Membership Participation

19/05/2020 Sign On Chits

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September 27th Model Rules 2017 August

Sale Pistol Club is located at South Gippsland Highway, Longford, Victoria

The club is affiliated with the Victorian Amateur Pistol Association and IPSC Australia

It caters for the following shooting disciplines:

  • ISSF
    Sport Pistol
    Standard Pistol
    Rapid Fire
    25m Black Powder
    10m Air Pistol
  • IPSC handgun
  • Service
    Service unrestricted
    25m Service
  • 1500 Match
  • Classic Pistol
  • Western Action
Sale Pistol Club - Club House
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